Making a difference

Our most visible initiative is the Amway™ One by One Campaign for Children programme, which has helped more than 7 million children since its launch in 2003.


One by One

Corporate citizenship has been an important part of Amway’s corporate philosophy ever since the foundation of Amway in 1959. The Amway™ One by One Campaign for Children programme was initiated in 2003 and has since donated more than US $141 million, helping more than 8 million children. In addition, Amway employees and independent business owners have put in more than 2.3 million corporate volunteering hours.



In 1959, Amway began marketing L.O.C.™ (Liquid Organic Cleaner) Multi-Purpose Cleaner, establishing our environmental commitment with biodegradable cleaning agents. Its very name – Liquid Organic Cleaner – spoke to that commitment. This initial dedication to the environment became a cornerstone in the Amway corporate philosophy.

In 1989 the company received the United Nations Environment Programme Achievement Award. The Amway global headquarters in Ada, Michigan, are certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council. By 2014 Amway wants to have become the world’s leading sustainable direct selling company, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent, minimising waste and ensuring its full recyclability reaches 95 percent, reducing water consumption by 10 percent and increasing the use of alternative energy sources it uses to 15 percent.

Our commitment to sustainable environmental practices remains strong and extends to our manufacturing practices, recycling efforts and friendly to the environment farming techniques. Amway continues to innovate, utilising renewable energy, improving source reduction, producing CFC-free aerosols, reducing VOCs and using natural ingredients across our product lines.



Amway is a global enterprise and our operations are subject to the laws of many different countries around the world. While local laws and customs may differ, our priority of maintaining the highest ethical standards is always the same. Our business ethics are universal and often stronger than merely complying with the law in a given jurisdiction. Honour is essential to our business success. We do what is right, not just whatever works. Amway success is measured not only in economic terms, but by the respect, trust and credibility we earn. For more information on business ethics in our industry, contact the Hellenic Direct Selling Association(HDSA).


Disaster Relief

Amway supports local partners to help the victims of natural disasters. And in times of great need, our employees and Distributors get involved. Amway provided cash donations, products and hygiene kits following the tsunami in South East Asia, Hurricane Katrina, and recently the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan. An Amway Disaster Response Team has responded to more than 25 disasters in the last years.


Valued Employees

Amway is a company that believes every person can make a difference. We live this philosophy every day. To make our beliefs a reality, we empower our employees to reach goals, fulfil ambitions and contribute to the communities where we operate. People who work with Amway stay at Amway. Most of our employees have been here for more than 10 years, with many working here for decades. As a leading global health and beauty company Amway ensures employees have access to the resources they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Amway Academy offers e-learning courses, web presentations and personal training courses. In 2010, Amway Academy distributed more than 3000 certificates across Europe.