Luxurious pure botanical formulas, enriched with our skin-care knowledge, make ARTISTRY Color cosmetics the optimal finish. Using ARTISTRY advanced knowledge of women’s skin types around the world, as well as expert trend analysis and the latest fashion forecasting, ARTISTRY Color is the ultimate complement to enchance your individual beauty.

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Colours that beautify, intensify and identify

Truth In Beauty: ARTISTRY Colours are the high end of modern colour cosmetics, with patented technology and luxurious formulations that protect, comfort and enhance your individual beauty. ARTISTRY Colour is for the woman who is inspired to create her own individual look. Whether evening makeup, business or classic day looks, ARTISTRY Colour represents modern beauty solutions with the perfect look from casual to full-on glamour. Soft or intense, neutral or vibrant, powders are velvety, lip colors creamy, comfortable and saturated. Our knowledge of skin types and tones means that ARTISTRY Colour offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore your individual ideals, whoever you are and wherever you live. Used together, ARTISTRY Colour offer blendable, buildable colour combinations in a variety of wearable shades, in modern formulations, featuring some of the finest ingredients.

ARTISTRY Colour melds nature and science to create foundations featuring botanical extracts that offer skincare benefits. Exclusively within the ARTISTRY world, ARTISTRY Colour offers seasonal limited-life Colour Collections every 6 months - a compilation of exclusive colour cosmetic products, providing fashionable updated shades, innovative products, exclusive and unique packaging design to match the latest fashions and trends in the season. Renowned international makeup artists are always behind the exclusive ARTISTRY Colour Collections, with the latest makeup trends and new, elegant color palettes.

A fresh perspective on personal style.

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The science of beautiful colour

Just as with ARTISTRY skincare lines, ARTISTRY Colour is developed and researched by a team of scientists around the world. Our Hydrolipid Matrix Complex (HLM) and Ideal Shade technology use the same key complexes as our high-end skincare, so that your cosmetic results are as luxurious and enhancing as possible. Take our Finishing Complex - It's an innovative combination of micronised powders and an advanced surface treatment, developed with clinical testing to ensure long-term high performance. Because where nature meets world-class lab standards, you get to express yourself in a fresh way – enhancing your own individual beauty to its maximum.