NEW! bodykey™ instant meals
- the delicious way to support the control of calorie intake.

Discover a new, delicious way to control portions and calorie intake with bodykey instant meals. Choose from a wide range of products that have been developed to suit your needs.

Enjoy your meal!

The bodykey range includes instant meals in tempting flavours to give you the basic nutrients you need and a variety of meal options to enjoy. Choose from the following delicious flavours: Shakes – Chocolate or Vanilla; Bars – Red Fruit or Chocolate.




Now it may be the chance to implement this new nutrition strategy. Include these new, delicious instant foods to your daily nutrition plan, increase your daily exercise and will soon benefit from the completely new yourself! It’s also about feeling better and happier with your body.


How it works?

Knowing that we are all different and have our own needs, Amway has developed three varieties of each of the bodykey instant meals – Carb Reduced, Fat Reduced and Balanced – with colour coding to help you choose the right one.

To enjoy these tasty instant meals, all you need to do is to decide which variation suits you best. Need to consume less fat? Choose the Fat Reduced version. If you believe you are consuming too many carbohydrates, why not try the Carb Reduced variety. And, if you feel you need to decrease both equally, the Balanced instant meals could be your choice.

Once you have decided which variation best suits you, simply replace one meal a day with a bodykey instant meal. This will help you to save time and control the quality and amount of food that you eat.


Useful sip.

It’s also wise to make an effort to eat each meal more slowly - for better digestion - and to drink plenty of water to ensure an adequate liquid intake, which is important for all body mechanisms.

And bodykey can help here too. The new bodykey Tea is an optimal alternative solution to water.

Tame your appetite with NUTRILITE™ Appetite Controller!

NUTRILITE™ Appetite Controller can help you take control of your weight management and fight the urge to overeat. When consumed, Appetite Controller attracts water, and then turns into a gel, which partially fills the stomach. It makes you feel full and more empowered to control portion size. The secret lies in its natural ingredients; glucomannan- a natural dietary fibre extracted from Konjac Root. Appetite Controller is compatible with all types of diet and highly recommended for anyone using bodykey by NUTRILITE™ products. Depending on your diet profile, combine it with Natural Fat Reducer or Natural Carb Reducer.

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