Lifestyle Balanced Solutions

The Lifestyle Balanced Solutions programme by Amway can provide you with slow, but constant, weight loss results and teach you about energy intake versus energy expenditure, the nutritional values of food and your own nutritional requirements.R

The programme meets the nutritional standards developed by the NUTRILITE Health Institute and reviewed by the NUTRILITE Scientific Advisory Board.

Lifestyle Balanced Solutions is:

  • more than a a diet
  • more than a weight loss programme
  • more than an exercise routine

A new way to get in shape and be active!

Combining meal replacements, using NUTRILITE™ POSITRIM™ Crème Mix Powder, with day-to-day foods to makes sure you get the recommended intake of all essential nutrients. A flexible system, you won't have to give up restaurants, parties and celebrations. You will learn how to mix staple foods in the right way and find the balance between highly processed snacks and staple foods, which will help you keep your weight in check. The Basic Kit and Starter Kit include a manual, with a pull out Food List Booklet, which that helps to simplify the process.

For some people, losing weight may be their main goal, but general well-being is just as important. True fitness is not a specific body type, physique or athletic achievement, but rather a state of being that helps you live a productive and healthy life. Therefore, different types of exercise routines have been included, designed to suit individuals' aptitude and inclination.

This programme is your opportunity to enjoy a new level of well-being and vitality. Everything begins with a single step; by making a few changes these become a natural part of your lifestyle.

How the programme works

The programme caters to three eating patterns and is designed in four phases: the first phase sets goals, the second and third encourages weight loss, and the fourth to teaches how to maintain your new lifestyle. The weight loss phase lasts for a minimum of six weeks. Also included in the programme is advice on how to find the balance between your calorie intake and calorie expenditure, and to calculate the right calorie allowance you need to lose weight healthily.

This programme is not designed to treat or cure any diseases or medical conditions. Prior to starting any weight management or exercise programme, including the Lifestyle Balanced Solutions programme by Amway, you should discuss your plans with your medical doctor. This is particularly essential if you are under the age of 18 years, or if you suffer from any condition, that require regular medical care or supervision. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not participate om any weight loss plan.