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Filter Coffee AMWAY™

SKU: 100180| Size: 4 x 250 g | In the ABO price will be included 3,39€ as of excise tax
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    Types of roasts

    The coffee industry generally has four types of roast:

    •  high (or double) roast has a strong, slightly bitter burnt taste
    •  full roast has a less bitter taste, and without the burnt taste
    •  medium roast delivers a strong, full taste without the bitter taste
    •  light (or pale) roast gives a mild, smooth, delicate taste

    Amway’s Espresso Coffee comes from the high, double roast, while the other coffees are medium to full roast.

    In the ABO price will be included 3,39€ as of excise tax

    • Made from 100% pure arabica beans
    • Air-tight sealed after careful roasting to preserve the full aroma
    • Evenly roasted beans are used as base
    • Coffee contains caffeine, a mild stimulant
    • Coffee is low in calorie, fat and carbohydrates


    Filter coffee needs to be infused with hot water. The amount used is subjective and depends on individual taste. The most common mistake is not using enough quantity of ground coffee. For best results, the coffee should be brewed just off the boil (95–98°C) and should not be left on a warmer for more than 15–20 minutes. Any leftover coffee should be discarded.


    • Suitable for use in any preferred infusion method
    • Also ideal as a base for recipes where liquid coffee is required


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