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Target specific areas of skin discolouration with this highly concentrated dark spot remover.


What It Does For You

  • Treats specific areas of skin discolouration, even particularly stubborn dark spots, so you will enjoy a more even and radiant skin tone.
  • The concentrated formula goes deep into the layers of your skin's surface where it can be most effective, taking only 24 hours to reduce melanin activity.
  • Visibly diminishes dark spots no matter what kind of skin type you have.


Why You Would Like It

ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Spot Corrector offers specialised spot treatment in a highly concentrated form for maximum skin brightening results. Even your most stubborn dark spots, discolourations and freckles will be diminished by this high-tech formula. Your skin is left looking more radiant and the skin tone more even overall. And you don't have to wait very long for results. Tests have shown that Spot Corrector reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation in just 4 weeks.


Facts For You

Key Features

ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Spot Corrector is the ideal brightening treatment for dark spots, discolourations and freckles, so your skin is left looking more radiant:

  • Concentrated formula reduces melanin activity in the skin, which causes dark spots to become lighter.
  • In addition to the brightening effects, Spot Corrector also contains a blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients so skin is left feeling as radiant as it looks.


How To Use



ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE Spot Corrector dives deep into your skin's surface to deliver skin-brightening and radiance-enhancing ingredients including Pearl Protein, Red Algae, Pea extract and European Plum. With patented 3D Technology, these powerful substances are delivered directly to the specific layer of your skin's surface where they will be most effective.

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