Power System with Creams ARTISTRY Youth Xtend™Power System with Creams ARTISTRY Youth Xtend™
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Power System with Creams ARTISTRY Youth Xtend™

SKU: 253580| Size: Enriching Cream 50ml Serum Concentrate 30ml Protecting Cream 50ml Enriching Eye Cream 15ml
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Effective anti-ageing products perfectly combined for powerful results for normal to dry skin at a 10% discount.


What It Does For You

  • Helps you take excellent care of normal to dry skin with powerful anti-ageing formulas including our most potent serum plus eye care, day cream and night cream.
  • Dramatically reduces wrinkles so your face appears firmer and younger looking.
  • You only need to use the complete Power System for one week to start seeing younger-looking skin.


Why You Would Like It

The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Power System with Creams provides everything you need to give your skin an anti-ageing boost throughout the day and night. It contains Serum Concentrate, our most potent product for youth-enhancing effects, as well as Protecting Cream for day use, Enriching Cream for overnight use and Enriching Eye Cream specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. With regular use, you can expect younger-looking skin in one week.


Facts For You

  • Test results showed that 78% of women noticed fine lines and wrinkles were reduced in one week.
  • In a one-week test, younger-looking skin was experienced by 81% of women.
  • Softer skin was noticed by 89% of women tested in a consumer perception study after only one use of the Power System.

Key Features

The ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Power System with Creams gives you everything you need for a complete anti-ageing skincare regimen for normal to dry skin:

  • Your skin cells actually live longer thanks to enhanced youth protein production with LifeSirt.
  • Results are visible in one week with regular use. This is in part due to our patented Micro-X6 Peptide technology.
  • Your skin feels nourished and moisturised by our unique blend of botanical conditioners.


How To Use



Discover our most potent anti-ageing products for normal to dry skin. ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Power System with Creams contains exactly what you need for impressive results. This is driven by our most potent product, Serum Concentrate, with the highest concentration of youth-enhancing LifeSirt. To keep your skin moisturised and nourished 24 hours a day, we also included our Protecting Cream (for day) and Enriching Cream (for night). Each product in the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND range contains LifeSirt and Micro-X6 Peptide technology alongside a special blend of botanicals.

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