Are you drinking enough water?



Water makes up for no less than 66% of the average human body. To keep well hydrated, an adult should drink approximately 2 litres of water every day. The amount of water a person should drink however depends on few factors.

  What does it depend on?

Weight  and body size

Physical activity


Is your drinking water safe?


Water has to travel a long way before it gets to your home and can be polluted along the way.


Introducing the eSpring
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8 Life Improving Benefits

Cutting-edge technology



4 Key Technologies

eCoupled™ Wireless Power

Smart Chip Technology

Advanced Carbon Block Filter

Ultraviolet Light Technology


1. UV Lamp

Destroys more than 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses to improve water quality and safety.

2. Carbon Filter

This US-patented multi-stage carbon block removes the smell and taste of chlorine, harmful particulates and more than 160 contaminants including over 145 potential health effect contaminants

3. LED Display panel

Uses simple icons to display remaining filter life and system status.

4. Self-contained electronics module

Wireless (inductive electronic) technology used between the UV lamp and the unit, completely isolating the UV bulb from the power source.

5. Adjustable tubing

Tubing length can be adjusted and cut to match the needs of the installation.

6. Compact Diverter valve

Compact diverter valve unit easily attaches to most taps.

Improved Aesthetics



New Auxiliary Faucet

The new eSpring faucet reflects the latest kitchen trends. It features improved ergonomics with a durable handle ideal for hands both young and old. Although eSpring may be under the sink, an eSpring logo is still visible as placed on the handle. With a chrome plated exterior body and tear shaped handle with ergonomic fit for easy on / off actuation eSpring is a ideal combination of modern design and high ergonomy.



The eSpring Water Treatment System is the first system to be certified to NSF/ANSI Standards:




To improve taste, odol, appearance



Contaminants like lead, volatile organic contaminants



Standard for supplemental bactericidal treatment of disinfected public drinking water (Class B)



Emerging contaminants including some prescription/OTC drugs, new types of herbicides, etc. that have been found at trace levels in drinking water.


It met highly exact standards across five sets of criteria:


Certified contaminant reduction claims must be proven through testing performed by NSF International at its laboratories.   The system must not add anything harmful to the water and pass rigorous extraction testing for water contact materials.   The system must be structurally sound and be designed to meet plumbing requirements and anomalies such as pressure fluctuations.   Advertising, literature and labeling must not contain any false or misleading statements.   Materials and the manufacturing process must be consistent and subject to annual review.

Above the counter

The easy to install eSpring™ Standalone Exiting Tap Kit was created for use with the external eSpring unit. Simply attach to your existing tap for the same high-quality performance.


Below the counter

An auxiliary Tap Kit will be fitted above the counter to the existing sink unit, while the eSpring water treatment unit will go below the counter.

On the wall 

Allows customers to securely mount their eSpring unit to drywall, wood, or concrete to free up space on their countertop and give the unit a clean, professional look.



Complete Your Kit
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eSpring Auxiliary Faucet

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eSpring Pitcher

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eSpring™ Existing Tap Kit

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Replacement Cartridge

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eSpring Water Bottle 600 ml

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eSpring Carafe

Provided Warranty


Enjoy the worry-free use of the eSpring! The eSpring comes with an improved warranty offer. It is protected with 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee from the date of purchase. If you are not fully satisfied, you can return the device within this period. In addition, the eSpring is covered by the full 2-year Standard Warranty.  

Extended Warranty purchased within original 2 year warranty period provides protection for additional 3 years. Provide peace of mind to you and your customers! Protect your investment for 5 years after purchase.

IMPORTANT: In order to purchase the eSpring Extended Warranty please contact your Customer Service Dept directly. You will be requested to provide the following info:

Serial number (13-digits/letters) of eSpring unit (found on front of unit's base)

Date of purchase of eSpring unit

ABO number